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After working years in the corporate fashion industry world for globally well known brands, Nina decided that she wants to pursue starting her own business, one that made her feel purposeful in life yet gave her the chance to be creative. The most important things that motivate Nina are, to design beautifully crafted art and to help motivate others and bring joy. Coincidentally, after making arrangements a few times for close friends and family members, it felt only right that this was the correct path. Nina quickly noticed the compliments and positive feedback she was getting from everyone and shortly she started getting orders from more and more people, and that’s when Fleurtina was born.


What started off as a “side hobby,” quickly evolved into a growing business. Nina’s mission has always been to be the go-to source for all your luxurious and elegant floral related needs. Since the first day, Fleurtina has exceeded client expectations with unique styles, custom orders, and wide range of services.

Here at Fleurtina, we believe that nothing can brighten someone’s day like a beautiful arrangement. No matter the occasion, one arrangement is enough to lift anyone’s spirit! Since the pandemic hit, we have been even more eager to cheer up loved ones. We have provided clients in Los Angeles and Orange County a large selection of flower arrangements that exceed expectations. 

We pride ourselves in our commitment to quality service, and strive to give you and your loved ones a truly beautiful and memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

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